Gary Gagliardi is an internationally-known strategic trainer and America's leading authority on the competitive strategy of Sun Tzu's The Art of War. He is also an multiple award-winning author and a successful high-tech entrepreneur who founded an Inc. 500 company. 

His live presentations are increasingly focused on using training games to give people practice in what works best in competitive situations.  Though he has given lectures on Sun Tzu's competitive methods to groups of thousands around the world, he prefers training people in interactive groups where they can test Sun Tzu's ideas to see how and why they work so well.

Among Gary accomplishments are:

  • Authoring over two dozen books on technology, business, marketing, and self-help, with ten of his books winning award recognition in eleven different non-fiction categories,
  • Appearing as a strategy expert on hundreds of radio and TV shows all across the country,
  • Building an Inc. 500 accounting software company with offices across the U.S. and in Europe,
  • Having his books have been translated into a dozen different languages and published around the world,
  • Speaking all over the world and training the employees of some of the world's largest organizations in competitive strategy, including the organizations listed on the far right hand column.
  • Working as the editor-in-chief of the Unix Journal, later known as the Open Systems Journal promoting open systems software solutions.
  • Winning a lifetime certification in computer data-processing from ICCP, and is an alumnus of the Harvard Graduate School of Business.

A Brief Biography: After a quick rise in corporate sales and marketing management first
at Bic Pen and then at Tandy Corporation, Gary started FourGen Software
in the 1980s. As its award-winning CEO,
Gary led FourGen for over fourteen years of growth to became one of America's Inc. 500 fastest growing companies, known for successfully using Sun Tzu's ideas in business. After selling FourGen in 1997, he was invited to speak on the competitive strategies of Sun Tzu to organizations around the world. In working with his corporate clients, he develop a number of books in using Sun Tzu's concepts in modern competition, ten of his books have won award-recognition in seven different non-fiction categories, including the Ben Franklin Award for the Best Self-Help Book for the Golden Key to Strategy.  His books led to audios, videos, and a completely on-line website certifying people's competitive skills.

The Science of Strategy Institute: Gary is the founder of the Science of Strategy Institute, a
professional organization dedicated to