αἶνον [1 verse](noun sg masc acc) "Praise" is ainos, which means "tale," "story," esp. "story with moral," "fable," generally, "saying," "proverb," also "praise" "decree," and "resolution." It is from the verb, aineô, which means "to praise" and "to approve." It means "to be content with" and "to acquiesce in " a decision. It means "to recommend," "to advise," and "to approve."  - The word is translated as "praise," is either a Greek noun that means "tale" or "story" especially stories with a moral. More generally, it means "saying" a "proverb" and it came to be a "decree" and "praise" (as in a story praising someone). It comes from the verb of approving of someone and complementing them on what they have done. It means making recommendations and advise, but ultimately accepting the decision of a superior. In the original Hebrew this word means "might," and "strength."

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