Christ's Words

These posts under the menu items above at the original Greek of Christ's words on a verse-by-verse basis, starting at the beginning of Matthew. They should be in order with links between verses on the bottom of the page.  These posts examine the original meaning of the Greek words used.  Possible meanings can dramatically differ from the usual English translations, which is illustrated by the "literal" version which uses the most common meaning for the Greek words at the time.

This work is based on a number of principles:

  1. Jesus's words are the most important part of the whole Bible because Christ was the Word made flesh.
  2. Jesus's words can get overlooked because their meaning is complex, not easily translated into English, and not easily expressed in a 20-minute sermon. Most pastor use various reference works to get closer to the concepts when speaking about them.
  3. When Jesus spoke, he was speaking about his current situation and for all people at all times, but the context in which he spoke is not what those translating his words prefer.
  4. The authors of the Gospels present these same verses of Jesus's words in different contexts, highlight the different shade of meanings of these words as understood at the time. While many verses are identical, differences can be attributed either to his saying similar things at different time or people recalling different words and even different interpretations.
  5. The more we study Jesus's words, the more levels of meaning we discover and the clearer our vision of his message for the world, which is what this work is about.
  6. Translations from Greek (and Latin) to Engish were all made after over millennia of Christian cultural dominance that affected how all translations were made, separating their translated meaning from the way they would have been heard and read by early Christians.
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